Introducing Hospital RN, Hospital Lead, Hospital Tech, and Home RN

Designed to enable care workers to transform workflow to deliver the best patient experience and highest quality care.

Hospital RN

Nurses today spend more time managing patient information and coordinating care than ever. And in today's complex healthcare environment, inefficient team coordination means prolonged discharges and extended patient stays. Hospital RN keeps teams connected so that hospital stays remain on target and costs are reduced.

Nurses can quickly access all of the information they need – such as patient records, delegated tasks, and safety alerts – exactly where they need it. And now, nurses can use Apple Watch to respond to notifications even faster, empowering the entire healthcare team to spend less time on routine tasks and more time on patient care.

Hospital RN enables nurses to:
Access all of the information that they need in one place – Information from multiple systems orders, care plans, and average length-of-stay information, alongside patient status, all from an iPhone.
Take action on exactly the right information – View patient records instantly with Hospital RN. iBeacon technology uses location to identify which patient a nurse is with and displays their records.
Facilitate the circle of care – Push notifications on iPhone and Apple Watch alert nurses to review new patient requests, changes in lab status, safety alerts, and prioritized task lists for immediate action.

Hospital Tech

With specializations from health information to pharmaceuticals, nursing assistants and technicians play critical roles in a patient’s care. But increasing caseloads and evolving needs often divert attention and tangle staff communication. Now Hospital Tech for iPhone equips nursing assistants and technicians with the tools to better organize and prioritize tasks, so they can spend more time caring for patients while staying connected to their team.
With Hospital Tech, technicians are empowered to:
Access task prioritization and patient logistics planning alongside key systems of record, including demographics, diagnosis, orders, care plans, and average length of stay information, all on iPhone, so they can organize their work and accept new tasks.
Receive and update key information such as patient requests, tasks overdue, new orders, safety alerts and delegated tasks, to enable personalized care delivery, optimize task planning among staff, maintain target length of stays and promote on time discharges.

Hospital Lead

Hospital charge nurses and care managers juggle unit workloads, staff assignments, care tasks and patient discharges. Hindered by handwritten notes and a lack of organizational tools, these leaders are challenged to monitor patient progress at a unit level. Hospital Lead for iPad helps them prioritize unit activities based on real-time information to facilitate on-time discharges and improve patient experiences.
Hospital Lead empowers hospital-based charge nurses and care managers to:
Access task prioritization, patient logistics planning, task lists and patient status alongside key systems of record, including demographics, diagnosis, orders, care plans, and average length-of-stay information, all from an iPad, to organize, prioritize and delegate tasks quickly and efficiently.
Receive and dynamically update key information such as patient requests, tasks overdue, new orders, safety alerts and delegated tasks, to enable personalized care delivery, optimize task planning among staff, maintain target length of stays and promote on-time discharges.

Home RN

Home-based nurses are tasked with delivering safe, high-quality care while being efficient, to keep costs down. At the same time, they contend with fragmented, time-consuming communication methods. Home RN for iPhone equips home-based nurses with better tools to manage case loads and provide patient-centered care. Through consolidated details and easy reporting back to specialists, care providers can deliver a new level of home care.
Home RN empowers care providers to:
Access recommended aftercare plans and discharge instructions based on location and hospital care team notes, reducing needless administrative time and costs.
Capture and share photos, videos, text and voice notes with the hospital care team through built-in iOS technology, to better communicate patient progress and improve care coordination.

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Police Officer, Case Worker

Cut through the red tape. Put new mobile apps to work and help enable new levels of communication and collaboration across the public sector.

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Hospital Care Worker, Home Care Worker

Coordinate care across their teams and reduce costs to hospitals and patients. Empower healthcare workers with unprecedented support so they can focus on patient care.

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Industrial Products


Optimize production operations and find new competitive edge. Arm foremen with the tools to log and share information and analytics to make better decisions.

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Field Service Tech

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